P6 Portable sampler.

P6 Portable sampler.

P6 Portable sampler.
P6 portable sampler.
P6 portable sampler.
P6 portable sampler.
• Clear and simple programming operating structure
•  Web/LAN/W-LAN communication
• "sleep mode" system for long battery life
• High precision of the sample volune
• Integrated spare tube for peristaltic pump
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The P6 portable sampler, with its modern and ergonomic design, has an innovative sampled volume measurement system, bringing the sampler to a high precision of the sample volume. The operational structure is clear and simple to program, in fact calibrating the instrumentit's quick and easy.

The battery is long lasting thanks to the "sleep mode" system, and it is easy to check the status of the sampler with the LEDs visible outside.

A spare tube for the peristaltic pump is also integrated into the instrument.

Technical Characteristics

    • P6L: 500x740 [mm] (Øxh)
      P6 MIniMaxx: 400x605 [mm] (Øxh)
      • P6L: 15 [kg]
        P6 MIniMaxx: 10 [kg]
      Ambient temperature:
        • 0÷+45 [°C]
        Operating temperature:
          • 0÷+40[°C]
          Materials not in contact with the fluid:
              • EC Declaration of Conformity