TLZ35 Digital microprocessor regulator

TLZ35 Digital regulator 4 DIN modules. 1 digital input for PTC or NTC

TLZ35 Digital regulator 4 DIN modules. 1 digital input for PTC or NTC
1 input for temperature sensors: PTC or NTC
1 digital input for free voltage contacts
Power supply: 12VAC/VDC,24VAC/VDC, 100÷240VAC ± 10%
Up to 2 relay outputs
Buzzer for alarm signaling
Function ON/OFF

The model TLZ 35 is a digital controller with microprocessor that istypically used in cooling applications that have temperature controlwith ON/OFF regulation and defrosting control with set time bymeans of stopping compressor.
The instrument has up to 2 relay outputs, one input for PTC or NTCtemperature probes and a digital input, that can be configured.
The 2 outputs can be used for controlling the compressor or thetemperature control device (OUT) and an alarm (AL).

The instrument is equipped with 4 programme keys, a 4-digitdisplay and 3 LED signals, in addition to an internal buzzer that isthe sound system for alarms.
Other important characteristics of the instrument are: programmeparameters protection using personalised password, switching onand off (stand-by) of the instrument using the “U” front key,configuration of parameters via the KEY 01 device and thepossibility of power supply in the range 100÷240 VAC.

    Technical Characteristics

      • Controller
        • PTC: KTY81-121
          NTC: 103AT-2
          Digital input free voltage
        Outputs available:
          • SPST contact
          Operating voltage [V]:
            • 12 Vac/dc
              24 Vac/dc
              100÷240 Vac
            Operating temperature:
              • -10÷+50 [°C]
                • 4 digits
                  • EC Declaration of Conformity