Invonic H heat and cooling meter

Invonic H ultrasound heat and cooling meter

Invonic H ultrasound heat and cooling meter
Versione Compatta
Versione Separata
A modern ultrasound heat and cooling meter, which allows archiving of a broad spectrum of data and configuration of parameters according to the clients’ requirements.
There is a possibility of data configuration and reading using an optical reading head.
Replaceable communication modules: M-Bus, Modbus RTU, wM-Bus OMS T1.
Two pulse outputs/inputs in the standard version.
Operated using a single button located under the LCD display.
Battery power supply with a possibility of a power network supply.
The option of installing the INVONIC H heat meter as the compact or split version (cable length 1.2 m)
• Total immunity to external EM fields.
Price from € 195,00 a 1.305,00
Variable depending on the configuration
Invonic H is a modern and precise heat and cooling meter utilising an ultrasoundflow transducer to guarantee high measurement precision for long term operation,regardless of the installation orientation. The heat meter has a modular structure,allowing a choice of optional features, such as communication module, powersupply type, and alternative temperature sensors. A robust brass flow transducer isavailable in versions with a threaded or flanged connection, for use with the PN16or PN25 pressure ranges. Heat meter indications are entirely unaffected by externalmagnetic fields.

Invonic H can be used in Heating/cooling systems in residential, office and industrial buildings, where theheating/cooling medium is water or water glycol solutions at temperatures up to130°C. The flow transducer can be disconnected from the calculator, which allowsinstallation in difficult locations and facilitates reading indications from the display.The heat meter may be installed in any working orientation and does not require theuse of straight sections upstream or downstream of the flow transducer. Remotereading of heating and cooling energy indications can be carried out by cableor wirelessly, and can be integrated with data reading and building automationsystems.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Ultrasonic
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 0.6÷15 [m3/h]
      Process connection:
        • Thread GAS
        • Flanged
          • PN16 or PN25
          Degree of protection:
            • IP65
            • IP67
            Operating temperature:
              • -30 ÷ +55 [°C]
              Materials in contact with the media:
                • Brass
                Nominal Power supply:
                  • AA 3.6 V lithium battery (lifetime up to 11 years)
                    external power supply 12-36 V AC / 12-42 V DC
                    230 V mains supply
                  Communication protocols:
                    • Optical port
                      1 replaceable communication module (M-Bus, Modbus RTU, wM-Bus 868 MHz)
                      2 pulse outputs/inputs
                    Pulse length [s]:
                      • Flow:
                        1 l/pulse (for qp = 0.6-6 m3/h)
                        10 l/imp. (for qp = 10-15 m3/h)
                        1 kWh/pulse or 0.005 GJ/pulse or 0.001 Gcal/pulse depending on the selected energy unit
                        • LCD, 8 positions