N2O15 Data Logger with LCD Display

N2O15 Data Logger with LCD Display

N2O15 Data Logger with LCD Display
Output: 4÷20 mA
Power supply: 3.6V battery
Storage: over 16'000 values
Dimensions: 88x80x35 mm
Protection degree: IP67
Price on request

N2015 is a data logger for use with PLC and other control systems of sensors and transmitters.
Options available include: measurement, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, pH, current, voltage and greater flexibility can also be user-defined.

A dedicated software and a computer interface are used to download data to a PC.
Two versions of the software are available:
EVSW for general use and ideal for HACCP and other quality systems
EVSWPRO for helping compliance 21CFR Part 11.

The features of the software include:
a) selection of resolution between decimal 0 and 4 - PC and Print
b) the handwritten text of a maximum of 8 characters for user-defined units
c) selection of scale maximum and minimum values of 20 mA and 4 mA.

  • LCD Display for temperature readings and alarm indication
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Large memory capacity of up to 16000 readings
  • Single, multi-function button
  • LED indicators to show active logging and alarm conditions and audible alarm
  • Long battery life

Technical Characteristics

    • Datalogger
    Outputs available:
      • 4÷20 [mA]
      Operating voltage [V]:
        • 3.6 [V] battery
          • Over 16'000 values
            • 88x80x35 [mm]
            Degree of protection:
              • IP67
                • EC Declaration of Conformity