VZS Liter counters volumetric Oval Wheel.

VZS Liter counters volumetric Oval Wheel. For viscous liquids. Flow rates up to 5 l/min

VZS Liter counters volumetric Oval Wheel. For viscous liquids. Flow rates up to 5 l/min
Contalitri volumetrico Riels®
Contalitri volumetrico
Measuring principle volumetric oval wheel
Measuring range:
VZS-003-VA: 0.001÷0.3 [l/min]
VZS-005-VA: 0.005÷1.75 [l/min]
VZS-007-VA: 0.07÷5 [l/min]
Output signal PNP
Process connection  1/8"  
Materials stainless steel 316L - PPS - PTFE 
Temperature up to 90/110°C - Pressure up to 30/60 bar
Price from € 295,00 to 570,00
Variable depending on the configuration
The Liter counters volumetric Oval Wheel VZS is ideal for measuring oils, hydraulic fluids, motor oil and lubricants, fuels, diesel. Are used for measurement of low flow rates in dosage or for testing engines.
The stainless steel AISI316 and seals in Viton and Teflon, making it suitable for chemically aggressive media.

The Liter counters VZS uses two wheels mesh with a fine toothed oval shaped that damage to ensuring a high precision working.
The fluid is transferred sequentially from input to output and one or two pulses are transmitted for each turn of the wheel. Inside the meter there is a pair of magnets chemically resistant that have the task of formire outside the signal.

For detection of the rotation is used or a switch or a reed sensor affection Hall placed outside the meter and therefore not in contact with the fluid.
The choice of materials of construction, 316L stainless steel, PPS, PTFE, allows the customer to use it in a variety of applications with corrosive liquids and viscous.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:Volumetric oval wheel
Flow range:0.005÷1.75 l/m
Materials:Body: AISI316L
Wheels: PPS/PTFE
O-Ring: FKM
Bearing: AISI316L
Output:NPN open collector or PNP or Reed
Temperature: -10÷90°C (versions available up to 180°C)
Pressure:-0.8÷30 bar
Degree of protection:IP65
Direction of flow: In the direction of the arrow
Output pulses:c.a. 1.800 lmp/L
Viscosity:0.5 mPas 
Install location:Any
Connection port:2xG 1/8" - Threaded female BSP
Voltage supported:5-24 VDC max
Weight:220 g