MWN-NC 130°C Woltmann meters for hot water.

MWN-NC 130°C Woltmann meters for hot water. Flow rate up to 1000 m³/h.

MWN-NC 130°C Woltmann meters for hot water. Flow rate up to 1000 m³/h.
Measuring principle turbine
Measuring range 25÷1000 m³/h
Mechanical register 
Process connection DN40÷DN300 
Temperature up to 130°C - Pressure up to PN16
Price from € 370,00 to 2.430,00
Variable depending on the configuration

Dynamic WPD is a counter for hot water up to 130°C PN16 DN40÷400.

It is ideal for the measurement of flow relatively constant, for example behind the pumps.


  • Permanent and efficient construction, ensuring the flow of water in low loss of pressure and easiness in assembly in random waterworks installations.
  • Lowered weight of water meter.
  • Interchangeable and unified metering layer fitting to several sizes of body and assuring optimal water meter management.
  • Standard water meter is suitable for remote readings in AMR system.
  • The possibility of mounting the water meter in the intermediate position without the influence on the metrological parameters, larger possibilities in designing and modernizing new used water meters connections.
  • Very good anticorrosive and mechanical qualities of paint coat (powder paint- epoxy).

      Technical Characteristics

      Measuring principle:
        • Turbine
        Measuring range / adjustment:
          • 0,25÷1000 [m³/h]
          Precision Class:
            • ±2% VFS
            Outputs available:
              • Reed switch
              Operating temperature:
                • Up to 130 [°C]
                Pressure max:
                  • 16 [Bar]
                  Process connection:
                    • Flanged from DN40 to DN300
                      • • 2004/22/EC directive of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe from the March 31 2004 on measuring instruments
                        • PN-EN-14154:2005- Water meters. Part 1÷3
                        • OMIL R49:2004 and 2006- Water meters designed for measuring cold drinking water and hot water
                        • Research certificate WE type- cold water no. SK08-MI001-SMU002, hot water no. SK10-MI001-SMU013
                        • MWN water meters have applied Hygienic Attests (PZH) allowing the product to contact with drinking water
                        • Mechanical classification of environmental conditions - Class M1 - by RMG dated 18.12.2006
                        • Classification of environmental conditions, climate and mechanical - Class B - PN-EN-14154-3: 2005 + A1
                        • Classification of electromagnetic environmental conditions-Class E1 - by RMG dated 18.12.2006