KDN Volumetric meters disc nutating.

KDN Volumetric meters disc nutating. Medium and high viscosity liquids. Flow rates up to 35,000 l/h

KDN Volumetric meters disc nutating. Medium and high viscosity liquids. Flow rates up to 35,000 l/h
Measuring principle disc nutating
Measuring range 40,000 cps
Output signal pulse reed switch
Process connection from 1" to 3"
Materials  Stainless steel AISI 316
Temperature 80°C - Pressure 10 bar
Price from € 1.500,00 to 3.400,00
Variable depending on the configuration

The liter counters to disc nutanteseries Riels KDN are particularly suitable for the measurement of liquid medium and high viscosity (up to 40,000 cps) for decanting liquids. The construction with large sites ensures low pressure drops also in the presence of high viscosity.
The particular principle allows also the measurement of liquids is not perfectly clean or with small percentages of solids in suspension. The liquid passes in a continuous manner through the measuring chamber and causes the "NUTANTE" movement of the disc contained it. Thanks to the special configuration of the measuring chamber and of the disc, the fluids in transit are measured with maximum accuracy.
Every single rotation is transmitted to the sensor (reed) positioned outside the chamber, through the magnet contained in the pin. The entire movement is devoid of transmission gears and this allows for easy maintenance and a long duration of the counter.

Made exclusively of AISI 316 stainless steel, they are suitable to the measurement of most of industrial liquids and foodstuffs. They are made in ATEX version for solvents, chemicals (surfactants, additives for cement, acid, soda liquid, alcohol, fuel), food (chocolate, eggs, cream, butter, liquor, soft drinks), pharmaceuticals (detergents, disinfectants, soaps), paints, inks, dyes, greases and oils.

These liter counters are ideal for any issues dosing: 

  • Dosing system to presetting
  • Control Systems consumption
  • Systems of totalization
  • Data transmission 4 - 20 ma - rs 232 - 422 - profibus


Series with electronic cylinder head:
The volumetric liter counters can be easily combined with electronics microprocessor Riels MOD. KONTAX KBC - KFC - F 130 - S311D.
Running ATEX certified can be used in hazardous areas.
Used to realize practical filling stations drums, even trolley, thus replacing the traditional scales.

Series with heating jacket or refrigeration:
At the series Riels KDN AISI 316 are applied liner to allow the liquid dosed to maintain the initial temperature.
The fluids of thermal conditioning transiting inside the jacket to maintain the desired temperature.
The connections are from 3/8 "Gas F.
The jacket can be applied in flanged, threaded, DIN-11851.
In the food industry provide dosage of fats, oils, chocolate, butter, margarine, glucose.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Volumetric nutante disc
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 200÷35000 [l/h]
      Precision Class:
        • ±0,5% VFS
        Outputs available:
          • RS232
          • 4÷20 [mA]
          • Reed switch
          Operating temperature:
            • Max: 80 [°C]
            Pressure max:
              • 10 [Bar]
              Process connection:
                • Threaded: 1" | 1"1/2 | 2" | 3"
                  Flanged: 1" | 1"1/2 | 2" | 3"
                  DIN: 1" | 1"1/2 | 2" | 3"
                Materials in contact with the media:
                  • Stainless steel AISI 316
                  Degree of protection:
                    • IP65
                      • ATEX Declaration
                      • EC Declaration of Conformity