RIV300 Flowmeters deflector.

RIV300 Flowmeters deflector for flow of water and gas. For low flow rates.

RIV300 Flowmeters deflector for flow of water and gas. For low flow rates.

Measuring principle deflector with return spring
Flow range for liquids up to 520 m³ h
Flanged process connection from DN25 up to DN80
Temperature max to 60°C 
Max pressure up to 16 bar 
Degree of protection IP65 
Price from € 190,00
The flowmeter of the series RIV300, is a flowmeter deflector with return spring and the flow reading to index. Suitable for water and gas flows is designed for applications with horizontal or vertical depending on the specific customer. They are not required straight portions downstream and upstream of the instrument and the load losses are almost nonexistent.And it is foreseen the possibility of applying inductive alarms for minimum and maximum range. The reduced overall dimensions, the low weight and the reading magnetic coupling flowmeter make this practical and simple to install and above all eliminate any maintenance on the measuring body.

Principle of operation:
The thrust of the fluid exerts a torque on the deflector of the instrument that overcomes the contrast of a torsion spring and causes a rotation of the deflector that is proportional to the value of the flow rate through the instrument. The angle of rotation of the deflector is moved to an index by means of a magnetic coupling which avoids the introduction of friction or fluid leaks.

Fields of application:
The flow deflector turns out to be a compact instrument, much reduced in gauge and highly suitable for the measurement of fluids that also contain solids in suspension.
It can be applied in many industries such as:
• chemical
• water treatment
• pharmaceutical
• paper
• pools
• fire protection systems

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Deflector with return spring
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • Max: 520 Mc/h (H2O)
      Precision Class:
        • ±5% VFS
        Operating temperature:
          • -10÷+60 [°C]
          Pressure max:
            • 16 [Barg]
            Process connection:
              • Threaded: 2" F (a richiesta 1" | 1"1/4 | 1"1/2)
                Flanged: DN 25 | 32 | 40 | 50 | 65 | 80
              Materials in contact with the media:
                • PA 30%FV
                • Stainless steel AISI 316
                • Brass
                • PTFE
                • PVC
                  • Calibration certificate
                  • EC Declaration of Conformity