RIV100 Pallet flow switch

RIV100 Pallet flow switch. For air and non-corrosive gases

RIV100 Pallet flow switch. For air and non-corrosive gases
Flow rate range as a function of flow rate and the diameter of the pipe
Output signal micro SPDT
Process connection with flange
Materials ABS case - paddle AISI 301
Temperature up to 85°C
Pressure up to 30 Bar
Degree of protection IP 65
Price from € 57,00
These flow switches to paddle are suitable for signaling, control and regulate the flow of air in air conditioning systems and in all those processes that require air cooling or heating.
For the control of fans, pumps, refrigeration equipment, compressors, or to interrupt the supply of electric heaters in the event of abnormal flow.

One paddle flexible, appropriately sized, is driven by the flow of air that you want to control, resulting in an angular displacement of a rod that acts on the lever for actuating a microswitch SPDT switching.
When the flow is increasing opens C-NC contact and closes C-NO contact.
When the flow is decreasing closes C-NC contact and opens C-NO contact.

The switches are calibrated according to the minimum of disruption.
A higher value can be selected by turning the adjusting screw to the right.
Due to the risk of breakage of the blade at an air velocity greater than 5 m / s the scoop must be cut from the side in the indicated area.
As a result, however, the minimum value of detachment established at the initial operation will increase by 1 m/s to 2.5 m/s.

It is important to provide, if possible, a straight pipe in front and behind the flow of at least 5 times the diameter to avoid air turbulence which make unstable the paddle.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Paddle
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • Aria: 1÷9.2 m/s
      Operating temperature:
        • -40÷+85 [°C]
        Pressure max:
          • 30 [Bar]
          Process connection:
            • Flanged
            Materials in contact with the media:
              • Stainless steel AISI301
                • Calibration certificate
                • EC Declaration of Conformity