RIV600 Flow Switch for liquids

RIV600 Flow Switch for liquid, water, gas, oil....

RIV600 Flow Switch for liquid, water, gas, oil....
Measuring principle piston
Range from 0.1 up to 100 l/min depending on the diameter
Output signal 1 Microswitch SPDT - SPST
Process connection 1/4" to 1" ½" Gas
Temperature up to 80°C 
Pressure up to 30 bar 
Price from € 118,00

The RIV600 Flow Switch have high visibility on each side and a clear reading of the scale.
Thanks to the conformation of the cone, at regular increases of flowrate match movements equally regular of the shutter (linear progression).

RIV600 series can be equipped od one or 2 alarm sensors at reed contact, possibly supplemented by red LED (green on demand) for a signaling field of the presence or absence of the flowrate predetermined.


  • Threaded connection head: anodized aluminum.
  • Threads available(F): from ¼” to 1”1/2 bsp
  • Body material: Grilamid™ TR55 (PA Transparent) high resistance suitable for fluids as water, oil, but also diluents, trichlorethylene.
  • O-Ring: NBR (Standard); on demand for appropriate quantities available other elastomers
  • Electric Sensors: SPST, SPDT

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:Piston
Water flow:from 0,1 to 100 lt/min. (see table specifications in PDF)
Accuracy:± 5%

O-Ring NBR

Process connection:

from 1/4" to 1"1/2 BSP

Electric sensors:SPST - SPDT
Process temperature:80°C max.
Process pressure:30 bar max.