RIL240 Level switches magnetic drive.

RIL240 Level switches magnetic drive. With liquids, aggressive and food

RIL240 Level switches magnetic drive. With liquids, aggressive and food
Measuring principle magnetic 
Measuring range up to 5000 mm
Output signal 1 Microswitch SPDT - SPST - SPDT
Process connection 1" Gas to 4" Gas (optional flanged version)
Materials in AISI 316L - PVC - PP - PVDF
Temperature up to 200°C
Pressure up to 100 bar
Price from € 280,00
Variable depending on the configuration
The switches  float  level are indicated in the majority of industrial applications. They are used for a complete setup of the automatic management of tanks (also under pressure), tanks, boilers and for controlling pumps, valves, alarm systems.

Tools with rigid rod that are installed vertically on top of the tank or externally in a separate containment chamber connected to the reservoir.
Within a vertical blind tube, at the bottom and integral with the fastening system are positioned one or more contacts magnetically operated reed switch or a transmitter chain of reed switches.
One or more floating, free to slide along the guide tube, magnetically acting on the contacts positioned and intervention points (always adjustable field) by switching their state according to the level of the liquid present in the tank (level that is transmitted continuously).

Each magnetic level switch is sized and constructed with materials defined in relation to the characteristics of the liquid project and the conditions of the project. The intervention points are defined in the construction appropriate fees and are adjustable in the field that the latter option is have been previously reported.
Up to six points of intervention or continuous signal 0 ÷ 100% with analog output 4-20mA


  • Up to 6 points of intervention
  • Electrical contacts field adjustable

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Magnetic level Switches
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 100÷5000 [mm]
      Outputs available:
        • 4÷20 [mA]
        • DPDT contact
        • SPDT contact
        • SPST contact
        Operating temperature:
          • Steel: -110÷+200 [°C]
            Buna N: -20÷+80 [°C]
            PVC: -20÷+70 [°C]
            PP: -20÷+105 [°C]
            PVDF: -20÷+130 [°C]
          Pressure max:
            • Steel: < 100 [bar]
              Buna N: < 16 [bar]
              Plastic: < 16 [bar]
            Process connection:
              • Flanged: DN50 | DN65 | DN80 | DN100 | DN125
                Threaded Gas M: 1" | 1½" | 2" | 2½" | 3" | 4"
              Materials in contact with the media:
                • Flange o Thread:
                  Steel: A105 | AISI 304L | AISI 316L
                  Plastic: PVC | PP | PVDF

                  Steel: AISI 316L | Titanium | Monel | Hastelloy
                  Plastic: PVC | PP | PVDF | Buna N
                Degree of protection:
                  • IP67
                  • IP68
                    • BUREAU VERITAS Certification
                    • Gost R Approval
                    • PED Certification
                    • ATEX Declaration
                    • EC Declaration of Conformity
                    • LLOYD'S REGISTER Approval
                    • RINA Certification