CONTACT RLBFI Switch-level scanning frequency.

CONTACT RLBFI Switch-level for alarms on leaks of any liquid

CONTACT RLBFI Switch-level for alarms on leaks of any liquid
Measuring principle scanning frequency
Interface IO-Link
Signal output PNP - NPN
Process connection ½"-3/4" Gas, NPT, Hygienic, M18x1
Materials Stainless steel - PTFE - PEEK
Process temperature 115°C 
Process pressure 100 bar
Degree of protection IP67
On request ATEX version intrinsic safety
Price from € 130,00

The CONTACT RLBFI level switch is designed to detect levels in tanks, for media separation and provide empty-pipe detection or dry-run protection for pumps.A high frequency sweep signal is radiated from the sensor tip into thetank.
The media will act as a virtual capacitor, which together with a coil in the sensor head, will form a circuit creating the switch pointsignal. This virtual capacitance will depend of the di-electric value DK (Dielectrical Constant) of the media. Two output signals are available, Normally Open (NO) and NormallyClosed (NC). By means of the Flex Programmer, a damping ofthe output signal can be activated in case of a fluctuating media level, e.g. during tank filling.
Additionally the output signals NO and NC can be reversed. The measurement is precise and un affected by the mounting positionin the tank. In the Flex Programmer software a compensation for foam, bubbles and condensate as well as sticky media can be set. The Flex Programmer software also features an adjustment facility making the userable to adjust the sensor to a specific media. The CONTACT RLBFI level switch  measures liquids such as water and oil.
Evendry media can be measured, eg. coal dust or plastic granulate. CONTACT RLBFI can be delivered with PNP output as well as NPN output. 
The process connection can easily be sealed by use of PTFE tapeorby use of special welding adapter for the hygienic edition.

• Wetted parts in stainless steel and PEEK
• Compact design
• Precise switching point with no requirement for calibration
• Process temperature -40÷115°C
• Measures media with DK-values >1.5 (DK = Dielectrical Constant)
• LED switch indicator
• Maintenance free
• Suitable for media separation
• Configurable by Flex Programmer 
• ATEX approval for gas and dust
• WHG 

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:Scanning frequency
Measuring range:100÷180 MHZ
Precision of measurement:±1 mm
Materials:Stainless steel - PTFE - PEEK 
Output signal:PNP - NPN
Process connection:G1/2" - G3/4" - G1" - 3/4" NPT - M18x1
Temperature:-40÷115 °C
Process pressure:100 bar
Degree of protection:IP67