UAL358/SAL500 Detector antiflood

UAL358/SAL500 Detector Antiaflood. For water leaks

UAL358/SAL500 Detector Antiaflood. For water leaks
Principle of measurement conductive
Output signal 1 Microswitch SPDT - 1 opto-isolated output
Supply 230Vac 50÷60Hz
Inputs up to 3 detection sensors 
Process connection detector UAL 358 of DIN 35 rail
Temperature up to 60°C
Degree of protection IP67 
Price from € 235,00

The detection system antifloodingRiels UAL358 is used in premises where loss may occur water which, if not controlled in time, may lead to dangerous situations or otherwise serious damage.
One of the typical use cases of this device is the detection of the presence of water on the floor of a thermal power plant.

The mineral water with low content of residuals has a conductivity of about 150 microsiemens.
The normal tap water has a minimum of about 100 microsiemens.

The anti-flooding system is composed of two units:

  • UAL 358 is the detector which signals to the alarm and that sends commands output
  • SAL 500 is a sensor that detects the presence of water or other liquids with a minimum conductivity 60 microsiemens.


The unit must be located under the environmental conditions allowed by "Technical data".
If the tool is installed in locations classified as "dangerous",  it must be installed in control cabinets built according to the regulations in force for the class of danger.
It can be installed on a DIN rail or in a standard DIN enclosure SENSOR.
The sensor can be attached to the floor and in this case the poles reveal the presence of water to a height of 2 mm.
If you prefer to reveal the presence of water at a different height, the sensor can be mounted vertically on a wall, so that the poles are at the desired height (L).


  • It intervenes in presence of water on the floor of the room
  • Inputs up to 3 sensors for detecting the presence of water

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Conductive
    Outputs available:
      • Relé contact
      Operating voltage [V]:
        • 230Vac
        Operating temperature:
          • 0÷+45 [°C]
          Ambient temperature:
            • -25÷+60 [°C]
            Process connection:
              • DIN Module
              Degree of protection:
                • IP40
                • IP67
                  • EC Declaration of Conformity