DEEPER Water level indicator

DEEPER Water level indicator. For the gauging of the water level

DEEPER Water level indicator.  For the gauging of the water level

Measuring range up to 200 meters.
Buzzer and visual achievement level
Diameter of the probe 16 mm long 120 mm
Power supply with battery 9Vdc
Price from € 249,00

The WATER LEVEL is a tool used to measure the water level in wells artesian, cisterns or groundwater.
Easy to use thanks to the sensor piezometric that dropped inside the cavity, in contact with water, emits a light signal and acoustic.

The WATER LEVEL base their operation using the conductive properties water, once in contact with the liquid, the circuit is closed and the instrument triggered the signal.

DEEPER is a portable signalling apparatus, visual and acoustic, for the gauging of the water level.
Is equipped of a metric cable, number by a 0-200 m scale and roll up cable with bracket.
For its working and power supply it is enough a standard 9 Vcc pile, included with the device.
Thanks to the indelible marked metric numeration on the cable sheath, it is possible to read the distance from the water surface by means of the bipolar probe, which provides to turn on a LED and its relative acoustic signal.
Probe Ø 16 mm 120 mm lenght

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Hydrostatic
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 0÷200 [m]
        • Probe:
          Ø 16 [mm]
          length: 120 [mm]
        Operating voltage [V]:
          • Batteria 9 V