S494CL2 Amperometric membrane sensor.

S494CL2 Amperometric membrane sensor for free residual chlorine.

S494CL2 Amperometric membrane sensor for free residual chlorine.
• Three-electrode amperometric measurement system
• Measuring range from 0.01 to 20 mg / l
• Automatic temperature compensation, via integrated NTC sensor
• pH operating range from 4 to 8
• Zero point calibration is not required
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The S494CL2 sensor is an amperometric probe athree electrodes covered by membrane with temperature sensor incorporated for the compensation of the signal. The electrolytic solution is an aqueous solution containing potassium chloride, and the life time of the latter is approximately of a year.The measuring electrode, the cathode, is gold, while the reference electrode, also called anode, it is silver or alternatively halogenated silver.
Furthermore, in order for the measurement to take place perfectly, the sample of liquid which it should be examined must not contain surfactants, therefore the pH value must be constant.


• Pool water
• Drinking water
• Service waters
• Process water

Technical Characteristics

Measuring range / adjustment:
    • 0,01÷20 [mg/l]
    Operating temperature:
      • 0÷+45 [°C]
      Pressure max:
        • 1 [Bar]
        Materials in contact with the media:
          • Gold
          • PTFE
          • PVC
          • Silicone
            • EC Declaration of Conformity