S423 Amperometric oxygen probe.

S423 Amperometric oxygen probe for oxygen and temperature measurement.

S423 Amperometric oxygen probe for oxygen and temperature measurement.
• Measurement principle based on the Clark cell system 
• Very short response times (30-60sec)
• Short stabilization time (around 15 minutes)
• Low flow sensitivity
• No maintenance
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With the S423 amperometric oxygen probe, the oxygen contained in the liquids is measured with the system called the Clark cell. These cells generate a current proportional to the partial pressure of oxygen, which can be detected by a suitable signal converter. In order to prevent interference in the measurement, the Clark cell is protected by a gas permeable membrane.
The membranes typically used are PTFE, but being this mechanically fragile material it is thick it is necessary to replace it with the related "heavy" related operations (interruption of the measurement, electrolyte replacement, electrode regeneration). This problem was solved by developing a membrane in OPTIFLOW. This membrane, made as one foil around a state of steel, it is very stable mechanically and has excellent environmental resistance aggressive chemically as well as under high pressure conditions.
This system, also thanks to a particular construction of the measuring electrodes, makes the sensor totally "free for maintenance".

Technical Characteristics

Outputs available:
    • RS485 Modbus
    Operating temperature:
      • -10÷+60 [°C]
      Pressure max:
        • 0,5 [Bar]
        Process connection:
          • PG 13.5 - threaded
          Materials in contact with the media:
            • PEEK
            • Stainless steel AISI316L
            • NBR
            • Silicone
              • EC Declaration of Conformity