42 series Monitor for process control.

42 series Monitor for process control.

 42 series Monitor for process control.
• 5-button bubble programming keyboard
• Monochrome 128 x 64 pixel display
• USB port
• RS485 serial port
• Analog/digital input
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The 42 Series process control monitor is used for applications industrial. It is equipped with a proportional control output, a status control function probe and various outputs. User can have a full control of the programming.
The user interface (HMi) is composed of one programming keyboard with 5 bubble keys for the calibration and configuration of the instrument, and a 128 x 64 pixel monochrome display with graphic icons to show the status of the output digital, data recording, cycle washing and alarm. The monitor is also equipped with manual controls, in fact thanks to the menu intuitive programming is very easy to start and control of the dosing system.
Data recording is either circular (F.I.F.O.) or a filling on internal flash memory with recording interval from 1 to 99 min.(about 16000 records).

• pH / orp (redox)
• Dissolved oxygen
• Conductivity
• Turbidity
• Suspended solids
• Chlorine
• Chlorine dioxide
• Ozone
• Chlorites
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Peracetic acid
• Bromine
• Chlorites

Technical Characteristics

Outputs available:
    • Relè
    • 4÷20 [mA]
    Degree of protection:
      • IP54
      • IP66
        • EC Declaration of Conformity