50 Series Multi-parameter monitor.

50 Series Plug & play multi-parameter monitor.

50 Series Plug & play multi-parameter monitor.
• 5-button bubble programming keyboard
• Color LCD TFT display 480x272 resolution 95x93 visible area
• Internal data logger (64 Mbit flash)
• Programmable analogue outputs
• Digital outputs on relay
• Analog/digital input
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The 50 Series multi-parameter monitor is a complete and flexible system for all applications in the water treatment with easy to use software and automatic sensor recognition: available in three configurations (up to two, up to four and up to eight simultaneous measurements).
It has two RS485 serial ports: one for sensors with RS485 digital interface and MODBUS RT protocol and one optically isolated for connection with the devices communication (configuration computer, terminals remote control etc.) of local networks.
It integrates a date clock that allows the software to archive data in chronological order on flash memories used for archiving files of events LOG.
It can be connected to digital sensors and expandable to traditional electrodes/probes.


• pH/orp (redox)
• Dissolved oxygen
• Conductivity
• Turbidity
• Suspended solids
• Chlorine
• Chlorine dioxide
• Ozone
• Chlorites
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Peracetic acid
• Nitrates (iSE)
• Nitrates (UV)
• Organic substances (UV)
• Color (UV)
• paH */oil (UV fluorescence)

Technical Characteristics

Outputs available:
    • Relè
    • 4÷20 [mA]
    • NAMUR
    Operating voltage [V]:
      • 24Vac
      • 24Vdc
      Operating temperature:
        • 0÷+50 [°C]
        Degree of protection:
          • IP66
            • EC Declaration of Conformity