M9.06 pH/ORP monitor.

M9.06 pH/ORP monitor with large graphic display of 4 inches.

M9.06 pH/ORP monitor with large graphic display of 4 inches.
Graphic  LCD 4"
Inputs  pH - ORP - Temperature (with PT100/PT1000)
Outputs  mA - Solid State Relays - Relay
Degree of protection  IP65
Power supply  110÷230 Vac; 12÷24 Vdc
Size  99x99x54 mm
Price on request

The new a powerful pH/ORP monitor is designed to satisfy a broad range of applications. A 4” wide full graphic display shows measured values clearly together with many other useful information. Moreover, due to the multicolor bright backlight, measurement status can be determined easily also from very long distance. A tutorial software guarantees a mistake-proof and fast set up of every parameter. A calibration based on automatic buffer recognition plus a in line adjustment allow to achieve a precise and a reliable measurement in every conditions.

• Water treatment and regeneration
• Industrial waste water treatment and recovery
• Scrubber control
• Neutralization systems
• Heavy metals recovery
• Metal surface coating
• Processing and manufacturing industry
• Chemical production
• Swimming pools and SPA

Main features:
• Wide full graphic display
• Multicolor backlight visualization
• Help on board
• Automatic recognition of pH buffers
• In line adjustment
• Analog output for temperature remoting
• Mechanical relay for external device control
• Solid State Relays for programmable alarms

Technical Characteristics

Outputs available:
    • Relay
    • 4÷20 [mA]
    Input Type:
      • PH
        Temperature: Pt100/Pt1000
      Operating voltage [V]:
        • 12÷24 Vcc
          110÷230 Vca
        Operating temperature:
          • -20÷+70 [°C]
          Degree of protection:
            • IP65
              • ISO approval
              • RoHS certificate
              • Gost R Approval
              • EC Declaration of Conformity