WIMOD Wireless Transmitter

WIMOD Wireless Transmitter

WIMOD Wireless Transmitter
Frequency 433 MHz
Trasmission range 200 m 
Load cell input ±2mV/V
Materials aluminium
Temperature 70°C
Protection class IP65 IP40 - Option Atex intrinsically safe
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WIMOD the wireless transmitter is a radio module, that applied to different models of load cells, allows interfacing up to 32 load cells to a single control PC.
The internal rechargeable battery provides up to 1000 hours at a maximum distance of 200 meters in free space.

The frequency transmission makes the transmission of the data secure and reliable even in the presence of other transmission systems such as cellular phones, walkie talkies, radio microphones, remote controls, etc.

Thanks to the extreme ease of installation the system is used in several applications: weighing and balancing of plant, machinery, boats (where it is necessary to change the position and the number of load cells used from time to time), real-time monitoring the distribution of loads on metal structures engaged suspended lighting and stage of plant engineering.

For point-to-point there is also a receiver module RxWIMOD stand-alone application that does not use a PC with RS232 output for applications such as PC and / or custom electronics.

RxWIMOD can be configured for continuous transmissions or on command of the data received from WIMOD and requires no knowledge of the RF communication.
This module is also available with USB output.

Technical Characteristics

Frequency:433 MHz
Trasmission range :200 m in free space
Max data transmission rate:10Hz
Power supply:

Rechargeable batteries Li-lon 3.6V

Accuracy class:≤±0.05%
Load cell input:±2mV/V
Resolution:Standard: ±10.000 div
Internal:±30.000 div.
Temperature:Nominal working:0÷50°C
Working max: -10÷50°C
Storage: -20÷70°C
Measurement:Newton - kgf - MN - kN - klbf - lbf
Protection class:IP65 - IP40
Material case:Alluminium
Dimensions:72x144x153 mm