C2S Load Cell Compression. Nominal loads up to 200 t

C2S Load Cell Compression. Nominal loads up to 200 t

C2S Load Cell Compression. Nominal loads up to 200 t
Measuring principle compression
Nominal load  100 kg ÷ 200t
Output signal 2mV/V
Materials  Stainless steel, welding Laser
Temperature 70°C
Protection class IP68 - Option Atex intrinsically safe
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The operation of the load cells and dynamometers is based on a single concept: the force applied on the device determines voltages proportional to the stress on the structure itself which are transformed into an electrical signal through the use of strain gauges.
Wide assortment and numerous fields of application.


We can split cells in: cell compression, traction cells, cell-way, off-center.
Very important, for all of these types of cells and dynamometers, is LASER welding which ensures high protection of the inside and then life of the device.


The compression load cells are those which are subject to the load in one direction of compression and are used for example in applications such as weighing silos, weighing platforms for motor vehicles, but also in many other uses in the most different environments.
Also the cells to bending are unidirectional, widely used in industrial environments, such as cell type F1 sold with success on the market for decades and well protected by a fully welded bellows LASER.
The traction devices, on the contrary, are those subject to traction only.
The dynamometers or load cells are widely used for overhead crane or hoppers.


The bidirectional load cells are instead used where the force applied may be either that compressive stress.
Example: moving mechanical parts, such as pistons or, for dynamometers, machines, materials testing machines and so on.


Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Compression
    Rated load:
      • from 100 kg to 200 t
      Combined error:
        • 0.018%
        Outputs available:
          • 2mV/V
          Materials in contact with the media:
            • Stainless steel AISI 316
            Operating temperature:
              • -20÷+70 [°C]
              Degree of protection:
                • IP68
                  • Plate base
                    Weighing unit for load cells
                  • Loading Head
                    • Accredia certificate
                    • ATEX Declaration
                    • EC Declaration of Conformity
                    • Calibration reports