HD21AB17 Datalogger Portable instruments for air quality

HD21AB17 Portable instruments for indoor air quality with Datalogger

HD21AB17 Portable instruments for indoor air quality with Datalogger
IAQ Monitor datalogger kit, measure CO, CO2, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity
Serial interface RS232C - USB galvanically isolated
Power supply 4 1.2V AA batteries
Autonomy of 8 hours of continuous operation in measurement mode
Degree of protection IP30
Price from € 790,00
The HD21AB17 portable instrument is used for the analysis of air quality in rooms interior. The instrument simultaneously measures the parameters of carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxidecarbon (CO), atmospheric pressure, temperature. and relative humidity, and calculates the dew point, the temperature of a wet bulb, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, enthalpy.

The HD21AB17 instrument is a datalogger with a memory capacity of 67600 divided storages in 64 blocks.

Typical applications of this instrument are: measurement of air quality in closed rooms and conditions of comfort in schools, offices and interiors in general, analysis and study of sick building syndrome and resulting consequences, verification of the efficiency of the heating system, ventilation and air conditioning, examination of air quality conditions in factories to optimize the microclimate and finally checks in building automation.

Technical Characteristics

    • 300x90x40 [mm]
      • 470 [gr]
      Materials not in contact with the fluid:
        • ABS
        Degree of protection:
          • IP30
            • EC Declaration of Conformity