HD2178.2 Portable thermometer

HD2178.2 Thermometer with probe input K, J, T, N, E

HD2178.2 Thermometer with probe input K, J, T, N, E
Type K, J, T, N, E thermocouple.
Unit of measurement ° C - ° F
Instrument accuracy ± 0.05 ° C
Autonomy of 200 hours with 1800 mAh alkaline batteries
Power supply 3 1.5V AA batteries
Degree of protection IP66
Price from € 416,00

The HD2178.2 thermometer is a portable instrument with a large LCD display, which measures the temperature with immersion, penetration, contact or air probes with Pt100 sensor or thermocouple.

There are two inputs, input A and B. A 3 or 4 wire Pt100 sensor or one can be applied to input B2-wire Pt1000, while a thermocouple of type K, J, T, N, E can be applied to input A.
The probes for input B (8-pole DIN45326 connector) are equipped with an automatic recognition module (they have stored the factory calibration data inside them).
For input A there is a miniature polarized female connector for thermocouple.

The HD2178.2 instrument is a data logger that stores up to 80,000 pairs of values per second.
This data can be transferred to a PC connected to the instrument via the RS232C or USB 2.0 serial ports.
From the menu it is possible to configure the storage interval, printing, baud rate.
All models are equipped with an RS232C serial port and can transfer the acquired measurements in real time to a PC or portable printer.

The functions of the thermometer are:

• Max, Min, Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum and average values;
• relative measure REL;
• HOLD function;
• automatic shutdown which can be disabled.

Technical Characteristics

    • 185x90x40 [mm]
      • 470 [gr]
      Materials not in contact with the fluid:
        • ABS
        Degree of protection:
          • IP66
            • EC Declaration of Conformity