HD2328.0 Portable thermometer

HD2328.0 Thermocouple thermometer with two inputs

HD2328.0 Thermocouple thermometer with two inputs
Display with visible area 52x42mm
Thermocouple of 4 types (K, J, T or E).
Power supply 3 1.5V AA batteries
Autonomy of 200 hours with 1800 mAh alkaline batteries
Degree of protection IP67
Price from € 154,00

The portable instrument with two inputs HD2328.0 measures the temperature with immersion probes,penetration, contact or air.
The sensor can be a type K, J, T or E thermocouple.

The functions are:

• Max, Min and Avg functions calculates the maximum, minimum and average values;
• relative measurement function REL;
• HOLD function;
• automatic shutdown which can be excluded;
• the difference A-B of the temperatures measured by the two input channels.

Technical Characteristics

    • 140x88x38 [mm]
      • 160 [gr]
      Materials not in contact with the fluid:
        • ABS
        Degree of protection:
          • IP67
            • EC Declaration of Conformity