RIB460 Digital manometer.

RIB460 Digital pressure gauge with 2 set points. Accuracy 0.05%. Max pressure 3000 bar

RIB460 Digital pressure gauge with 2 set points. Accuracy 0.05%. Max pressure 3000 bar
RIB460 Manometro Digitale Differenziale
RELATIVE pressures from 100 mbar to 3000 bar
2 SET POINT with relay output
ABSOLUTE pressures from 1 bar to 10 bar | Relative vacuum -1 bar
DIFFERENTIAL pressures from 1 bar to 3000 bar
TEMPERATURE measurement from 0 to 70°C
Accuracy better than 0.05%
Upon request 4-20mA, 10Volt, RS232C and RS485 Modbus analog output
Price from € 380,00
Variable depending on the configuration

With this Digital Manometer it is possible to measure TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE generated by air, gas, oil, water or any other type of non-corrosive fluid.

RIB460 ​​is designed to be used in industrial process controls, automation and in laboratories, it reaches an accuracy class better than 0.15% (STANDARD version) or 0.05% in 23 different pressure ranges ABSOLUTE, RELATIVE, VACUUM and DIFFERENTIAL.

The integrated electronics allow you to customize the instrument in different configurations to better adapt to different applications, thanks also to the sampling rate that can be programmed from 2.5 to 1200 Hz.

There are 2 versions:

  • BASIC version powered directly from the USB port via the supplied power supply which allows you to control the process and transmit the measurements to the PC via application software such as WinTEST2 (option).
  • FULL version powered externally at 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc which includes the USB output, 2 SET POINT with relay output to control pressure levels or temperatures and various remote digital commands.
In OPTION you can also add the analog output, the RS232 serial output and RS485 Modbus.

    Here are some of the main features:

    • Normalized pressures from 100mBar to 3000 bar ABSOLUTE, RELATIVE, VACUUM and DIFFERENTIAL
    • Temperature measurement
    • Resolution, digital filter and conversions in programmable units of measure ZERO Hold and PEAK functions (positive and vacuum pressure)
    • USB communication port 2 set points with programmable relay output (full version)
    • RS232 and RS485 Modbus communication port and printer (option)
    • Analog output (option)

      Application software that interface directly to the pressure gauge and support the operator in the various functions of testing, analysis, monitoring over time, data storage, DATA LOGGER management, transfer of measurements to Microsoft Excel, etc ...

      Technical Characteristics

      Measuring range / adjustment:
        • 0÷3000 [Bar]
        Outputs available:
          • SPDT contact
          • RS485 Modbus
          • [up to the model]
          Operating voltage [V]:
            • Power supply included or via USB port
            • 12÷24 Vdc
            Ambient temperature:
              • 0÷+50 [°C]
              Precision Class:
                • 0,15 Standard
                  0,05% on request
                Process connection:
                  • 1/2" GM
                  Degree of protection:
                    • IP40
                      • Accredia certificate
                      • EC Declaration of Conformity
                      • Calibration reports