RIB23/25Y Pressure Transmitter.

RIB23/25Y Pressure Transmitter. For neutral fluids, food or aggressive. Accuracy ± 0,25% FS

RIB23/25Y Pressure Transmitter. For neutral fluids, food or aggressive. Accuracy ± 0,25% FS
Rib23/25y pressure transmitter. for neutral fluids, food or aggressive. accuracy ± 0,25% fs
Measuring range from -1 to 1000 Bar
Accuracy  ± 0,25% FS 
Output signal 4÷20mA - 0÷10V - 0÷5V - 0,5÷4,5V 
Process connection G¼" - G1/2" - ½" Gas flush diaphragm
Materials INOX AISI 316L
Temperature up to 100°C 
Price from € 215,00

The pressure transmitters of the line Y have a temperature error extremely small.
This is achieved through the use of an additional circuit containing a temperature sensor which divides the temperature range in intervals of width equal to 1.5 Kelvin.
The values of zero TK and TK compensation are calculated for each interval and programmed into the additional circuit.
During operation, these values are inserted in the path of the analog signal according to the temperature.
Each temperature value is the "calibration temperature" of the transmitter in question.

The accuracy thereof is mainly determined by the linearity.
There are 120 intervals which describe a potential range of temperature of 180K.
The wider the temperature range, the greater the amount of testing needed to minimize the inaccuracies of the mathematical model.

The product line RIB23(S)Y/25Y is outstanding due to its extreme ruggedness towards electromagnetic fields.
The limits of the CE standard are complied with values up to 10 times lower for low fields and radiant.

  • Series-RIB23Y:    Fields 0.2 to 2 bar - mounted sensor with floating technique. Inner seal ring.
  • Series RIB23-SY: Fields 1 to 1000 bar - fully welded. No internal seals.
  • Series-RIB25Y:    Fields 0.5 to 600 bar - fully welded. Inner seal ring.


Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Piezoresistive
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 0.2÷1000 [Bar]
      Outputs available:
        • 0.5÷4.5 [V]
        • 0÷10 [V]
        • 0÷5 [V]
        • 4÷20 [mA]
        • [up to the model]
        Operating voltage [V]:
          • 8÷32 Vdc
            13÷32 Vdc
          • [up to the model]
          Operating temperature:
            • -40÷+100 [°C]
            • -40÷+120 [°C]
            Ambient temperature:
              • -40÷+80 [°C]
              Precision Class:
                • ±0,25% VFS
                Process connection:
                  • G 1/4" | G 1/2" | 1/4" - 18NPT
                  • [up to the model]
                  Materials in contact with the media:
                    • Stainless steel AISI 316
                    Degree of protection:
                      • IP54
                      • IP65
                      • IP67
                      • IP68
                      • [up to the model]
                        • EC Declaration of Conformity