Static control

Static electricity is the invisible source of problems and malfunctions in any production.

Static electricity is invisible but its effects can certainly be seen.
With the right ionizer, static electricity can be eliminated quickly, easily and efficiently.
Installation is easy, you connect it and you forget about unplanned unplanned downtime such as dust adhering to the pieces, electrostatically charged products or
shock caused by static electricity.

With ionizersit is possible:

Removing static electricity from films prevents the adhesion of dust.
Removing static electricity on film-molded products prevents adhesion to the conveyor.
Removing static electricity from packaging films, prevents the filling substance from adhering to the packaging film.
Removing static electricity from power supplies prevents it from clogging the power supply.
Removing static electricity from lenses, removes dust from the lens, prevents adhesion of dust.

Forget about production waste and downtime caused by static electricity!