HD2717T Transmitter humidity and temperature with interchangeable probe

HD2717T Transmitter humidity and temperature with interchangeable probe

HD2717T Transmitter humidity and temperature with interchangeable probe
Measuring range humidity 0÷100% RH
Temperature measurement range -50°C ÷ 180°C
Outputs 4÷20mA - 0÷20mA - 0÷10Vdc - 10÷2Vdc
2 relays work and one alarm relay
Degree of protection IP65
Price from € 397,00 to € 478,00

Temperature transmitters and humidity transmittersHD2717T series are transmitters, indicators, controllers ON / OFF with datalogger function that measure the temperature and humidity.
The main feature of these instruments is interchangeable probe.
The user can change the probe virtually without interrupting the process. The probe at a later time can be calibrated or repaired.

Models are available with horizontal probe (S.TO), vertical (S.TV) or with separate probe (S.TC) connected to the instrument with cable of various lengths.
The probes are S.TV S.TO and steel AISI304, the probes can be S.TC in AISI304 or plastic POCAN.
The probe, calibrated and ready to use, has a SICRAM2 module that stores the calibration data of the probe and allows the interchangeability.

The instruments measure:

  • Temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Relative humidity
  • Absolute humidity
  • Mixing Ratio or mixing ratio
  • Wet bulb temperature


All models have analog outputs in voltage or current.
Models are available with two relays work and one for alarm, configurable by the user.
In all models there is multistandard RS232/RS485 output and auxiliary RS232C serial output.
Through the RS485 serial port, you can connect multiple instruments in a network.
The models HD2717T ... can be with or without LCD display.
The display of a line relative humidity or a derived quantity and the second line the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
The datalogger function allows you to store the measurements taken by the instrument with the preset rate the user.
The instrument configuration is permanently stored, the internal clock is protected against the temporary interruption of the mains voltage by a dedicated lithium battery.
The power supply can be chosen, at the time of the order, including universal 24Vac/dc or 90 ... 240Vac.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring range / adjustment:
    • 0÷100% [RH]
    Operating temperature:
      • -50÷+150 [°C]
        on request up to 180 [°C]
      Pressure max:
        • 16 [Bar]
        Outputs available:
          • 0÷20 [mA]
            2÷10 [V]
          • 0÷10 [V]
          • 4÷20 [mA]
          • RS485
          • [up to the model]
          Operating voltage [V]:
            • 24Vac
            • 24Vdc
            • [up to the model]
            Degree of protection:
              • IP65
                • EC Declaration of Conformity