HD4807T Active and passive transmitters for relative humidity and temperature

HD4807T Active and passive transmitters for relative humidity and temperature

HD4807T Active and passive transmitters for relative humidity and temperature
Temperature range up to 150°C
Range of relative humidity sensor capacitance from 0 to 100% RH
Output signal 4÷20 mA - 4÷10 - RS485
Probes for wall mounting, with cable or rod connected to electronics
Degree of protection IP66
Price from € 144,00 to € 297,00

The transmitters HD48 .. and HD49 .. measure the temperature, the relative humidity and the temperature of the dew point.
Versions are available with analog output only standard versions with only serial output RS485 with MODBUS-RTU protocol.
Versions with analogue output provide a signal suitable to be sent to a remote viewer, a recorder or a PLC.
The versions with RS485 output are suitable for connection to a PC or a PLC.

The transmitters of the series HD48 .. are active, accept power in either direct or alternating 24 Vac and have depending on the model output standard analog current (4-20mA) or voltage (0-10V), or RS485 serial output.

The transmitters of the series HD49 .. are passive and therefore suitable to be placed in a current loop 4-20mA


The series HD48 .. and HD49 .. are employed to check the temperature and humidity in the field of air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC / BEMS), in the pharmaceutical industry, museums, clean rooms, in ventilation ducts, industrial and civil, in crowded places, basements, auditoriums, gyms, in farms with large numbers of animals, greenhouses, etc..

The families of trasmitters HD48 .. and HD49 .. measure the relative humidity with a well proven capacitive sensor compensated in temperature that ensures accurate and reliable measurement over time.

They are available in two temperature ranges of probe: -20 +80 standard and extended -40 ° C +150 ° C for the most critical applications.
A stainless steel filter from 20μm protects the sensors from dust and particles (other types of filters are available for different applications).
Factory calibrated and do not require further adjustment by the installer.

Each series is available in three different versions:

  • a channel with horizontal probe (HD48. .. TO ..., HD49 ... TO ...)
  • with vertical probe (HD48. .. TV ..., HD49 ... TV ...) for wall mounting
  • with a probe connected to the electronics via a cable (HD48. .. TC ..., HD49 ... TC ...), which can be of various lengths (2, 5, or 10 meters).

The probes can be supplied in two different lengths: 135mm or 335mm

Accessories for Installation:

  • for fastening to the channel can be used for example the flange HD9008.31
  • a universal biconical connection 3/8 "
  • metallic cable glands PG16 (D.10/14mm)
  • An optional display with 4 digits ("L" model) displays in a continuous or sequential measured variables

Technical Characteristics

Measuring range / adjustment:
    • 0÷100% [RH]
    Operating temperature:
      • -40÷+150 [°C]
      Outputs available:
        • 4÷10 [mA]
        • 0÷10 [V]
        • 4÷20 [mA]
        • RS485
        Operating voltage [V]:
          • 16÷40 Vdc
            12÷40 Vdc
            24 Vac
          Degree of protection:
            • IP66
              • EC Declaration of Conformity