Ball valve PVC

Ball valve PVC

Ball valve PVC
Process connection from 3/8" to 3" Gas (optional flanged version)
Operation time 50 sec.
Torque on the control 35 Nm
Materials PVC - PTFE - EPDM
Temperature up to 85°C
Pressure up to 6 bar
Degree of protection IP65 
Price on request

The motorized valve Compact is specifically used for the detection and control of: heating zone, refrigeration with glycol, plants that use alternative energy, industrial plants with hot and cold fluids, water systems, automation systems in general.

All servocontrol Compact are designed to be directly mounted on valve bodies with ISO 5211 F05 - F07 - F10
They are available in two versions:
3 points without relay (switch): terminal 1 neutral phase at terminal 2 opens, closes diverted to terminal 3. Each servocontrol must be driven by a single command.
2 points with relay (switch): neutral terminal 1, terminal 2 fixed phase, 3 phase terminal from the command for opening. More actuators can be operated by a single command.
Both versions have an ON-OFF (fully open or fully closed)
Version 3 points without relay, if combined with a suitable command, can be  stopped in the intermediate positions.

The servocontrol are equipped with:

  • voltage at terminal 4 to fully open valve to be used as a remote control (signaling opening took place, drive pump relay, etc)
  • voltage at terminal 5 fully closed valve to be used as a remote control (signaling has been closed)
  • external parts in AISI303 GVR and brass58 for the use of the actuator in demanding environments (such as protected as standard)
  • manual opening on the servocontrol to operate the valve in the absence of electrical voltage or emergency
  • a micro auxiliary opening (clean contact) which is electrically closed when the valve is open. Its use is optional (opening complete indication, pump relay control, boiler control, PLC signal, etc)
  • a micro auxiliary closure (contact) which is electrically closed when the valve is closed. Its usually use is optional (reporting has been closed, relay control, PLC signal, etc.)

They are equipped with manual opening from above to operate the valve under emergency conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Ball
    Process connection:
      • from 3/8" Gas to 3" Gas
      Operating time:
        • 1 minute
        Operating voltage [V]:
          • 110Vac
          • 12÷24 Vdc
          • 230Vac
          • 24Vdc
          • [up to the model]
          Operating temperature:
            • -10÷+85 [°C]
            Pressure max:
              • 6 [Bar]
              Measuring fluids:
                • Water
                • Diesel fuel
                • Neutral liquids
                • Oil
                Materials in contact with the media:
                  • Stainless steel AISI 316
                  • NBR
                  • [Depending on the model]
                    • Electrical switch contacts
                    • Adjustable SPDT auxiliary switch
                    Degree of protection:
                      • IP65
                        • EC Declaration of Conformity