Solenoid valve: Atex solenoid valves for water, methane gas

The solenoid valves are installed in hydraulic systems and have the function of closing or opening a fluid passage through an electrical contact. Unlike normal taps the solenoid valve does not open manually but works thanks to the impulse that is sent by a solenoid that moves the internal mechanism of the solenoid valve thus triggering the opening or closing of the valve itself.

The solenoid valves allow the passage of a fluid (liquid or gaseous) through the opening identified by the valve itself.
A solenoid valve consists of a solenoid (electromagnet) and the valve body.

Many versions of solenoid valves are supplied, such as for example solenoid valves for water, solenoid valves for diesel oil, atex solenoid valves.
For the gas industry the range of solenoid valves includes: gas solenoid valve, methane solenoid valve, methane gas solenoid valve, each one for a precise application.