Volumetric Pumps

Normally, a pump used to move liquids is intended as a pump, while the device intended for moving gaseous fluids is indicated as a compressor.

The pump can be considered the first form of machinery that has replaced the energy obtained by human muscular effort.
A pump is defined as that machinery which, through rotating or alternative movements, moves a fluid from one side to another, from a place A to a place B.
The pumps are capable of transferring a fluid from areas with low pressures to places with high pressures, from places at the bottom to places positioned high up, from places close to distant places.
The pumps that Riels® Instruments offers can be self-priming pumps, electric pumps, pneumatic pumps, centrifugal pumps, plastic centrifugal pumps, dosing pumps, peristaltic pumps, stainless steel pumps for food and pharmaceutical environments, ATEX certified pumps.

They are used for transferring and dosing liquids in water treatment, in the naval and petrochemical sector, oil & gas, food & beverage .....