AS Vertical pumps

AS. Up to 80 m3/h

AS. Up to 80 m3/h
Fluids: aggressive and industrial waters.
Flow rates: up to 80 m3/h and heads up to 43 m w.c.
Made to measure in lengths between 250 and 3000 mm.
Without metal parts in contact with liquids (nuts and bolts included).
Cantilever shaft without intermediate supports, carefully balanced.
Plastic construction materials: PP, PVC, PVDF.
Price on request
Vertical pumps AS:

They are vertical axis centrifugal pumps with submerged impeller, open or closed.
Structural and hydraulic components molded, drawn or extruded in PP, PVC, PVDF according to specific conditions of use.
Bolts and steel shafts covered in the same materials.
Pump/system connection available, according to sizes, with hose connector, with collar and free or threaded flange.
Construction variants applicable according to pump size, materials, length and operating conditions.

Technical Characteristics

    • Vertical pumps
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • Up to 80 m3/h
      Materials in contact with the media:
        • PP
        • PVC
        • PVDF
        Process connection:
          • Thread
          • Flanged