MA Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

MA Pneumatic diaphragm pumps. From 0...220 l/min

MA Pneumatic diaphragm pumps. From 0...220 l/min
 Fluid: Oil, Diesel
 Flow rate: Up to 220 l / min
 Fluids with high viscosities
 Materials: polypropylene, aluminum, NBR
 ATEX Zone 2 certification
 Pressure: 7 Bar

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Pneumatic diaphragm pumps MA:

The pneumatic diaphragm pumpMA guarantees maximum reliability and high performance that allow the transfer of fluids with high apparent viscosities,even in the presence of solid parts in suspension such as waste oil.
Suitable for demanding applications or in potentially explosive environments.
They are self-priming and operate dry without being damaged.
Precise speed regulation without pressure loss.

Technical Characteristics

    • Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • From 0 to 220 l/min
        • Max 7 Bar
        Process connection:
          • G 1/2" f
            G 1" f
            G 1" 1/4 f
            G 3/8" f
            G 1/2" f
            • Zone 2 ATEX declaration