Vane Electricpumps

VISCOMAT VANE Electricpump. Up to 50 l/min

VISCOMAT VANE Electricpump. Up to 50 l/min
Fluid: Oil (also spent), Diesel, BioDiesel
Flow rate up to 50 l / min
Continuous AC operation
Viscosity up to 500 cSt
Adjustable by-pass
Max pressure: 6 Bar
Price on request
VISCOMAT VANE electric pump:

The VISCOMAT VANE vane electric pump is a self-priming AC pump capable of supporting and guarantee
constant flow and regularity in the flow delivered with low viscosity, up to 500 cSt with a flow rate up to 50 l/min.
It has a self-ventilated and closed asynchronous motor.
Available with different frequencies and voltages.
Flanged connection on request.

Technical Characteristics

    • Vane electricpump
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • Up to 50 l/min
        • Max 6 Bar
          • Up to 500 cSt
          Process connection:
            • 1" BSP