PALMER-BOWLUS Flow measurement system for partially full pipes

PALMER-BOWLUS Flow measurement system for partially full pipes
Measuring range Up to 1900 m³/h
Signal output Modbus, pulses and 4...20mA
Type of view Display and flow recording
Mouting with prefabricated channel

The Palmer-Bowlus is a hydraulic modeler used to measure the instantaneous flow rate of a fluid in pipes or pipelines.

It works by increasing the fluid level upstream of a restriction, and the variation in this level, measured by a transmitter, allows the flow rate to be calculated. It is appreciated for its ease of installation and low cost.

For flow measurement in open channels, a hydraulic modeler (such as the Palmer-Bowlus or Venturi channels) is used, a RIL390 ultrasonic probe for the fluid level, and a RIF990 control unit that can connect up to two ultrasonic level sensors MODBUS. The system allows two independent and simultaneous flow measurements.

A Data Logger on a removable PenDrive facilitates the temporal analysis of instantaneous flow rates. This system is particularly useful for complete traceability of measurements in open channels.

Measurement techniques

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