RIL850-50 Capacitive Level Sensor

RIL850-50 Capacitive level sensor suitable for high temperatures. Uncoated electrode. Fino a 6 m.
Measuring range up to 6000 mm
Process temperature up to 250°C
Atex approval on request
Electrode type uncoated rope and weight

RIL850-50 Series Capacitive Level Sensors are versatile devices designed for monitoring bulk solids, sand, gravel, concrete and liquids.
Uncoated wire electrode and weight. For silos or deep wells.

These sensors offer a wide range of distinctive features that make them ideal for precise monitoring of material levels in tanks, vessels, pipes.

They can be mounted directly in various environments, regardless of the nature of the materials or the type of container.

Configuring and setting the sensors is simplified through the use of a magnetic pen, which allows for quick installation without the need for fluid.

Additionally, RIL850-50 sensors offer optical indication via two LEDs, which further simplifies level monitoring.

Measurement techniques

Food industry

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Water & Wastewater

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

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Oil & Gas | Offshore

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