Water & Wastewater

The water and wastewater sector is of vital importance in ensuring the supply of safe drinking water and proper treatment of wastewater.
This sector involves monitoring, managing, and purifying water resources, contributing to public health and environmental sustainability. To achieve these goals, a range of measurement instruments are used.

One of the most common instruments used in the water sector is the Flow Meter.
These instruments are essential for measuring the volumetric or mass flow of water at various points within water systems. Flow meters allow for the accurate monitoring of water consumption, detection of leaks or anomalies in the system, and optimization of water treatment operations.

Water quality is another critical aspect in the water and wastewater sector. To ensure the safety of drinking water, instruments such as pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, and Turbidity Meters are used to measure water quality.
These instruments assess the chemical, physical, and biological parameters of water, providing important information for quality monitoring and proper treatment of potable water and wastewater.

Water level measurement is also essential for the control of water resources and rainwater collection systems. Level Transmitters are used to measure the water height in tanks, wells, and channels.
These instruments enable the monitoring of water levels, prevention of flooding or depletion, and proper management of water distribution.

Additionally, the water and wastewater industry utilizes measurement instruments to monitor parameters such as water temperature, pressure, flow velocity, and concentration of pollutants. These instruments provide critical information to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, optimize treatment processes, and protect public health.

The use of appropriate measurement instruments in the water and wastewater sector is crucial to ensure operational efficiency, compliance with environmental regulations, and the supply of safe drinking water. Proper management of water resources and wastewater treatment require a combination of accurate measurement instruments and innovative technologies to address the increasingly complex challenges associated with water management.

In conclusion, the water and wastewater sector requires the use of dedicated measurement instruments, and Riels® Instruments is your ideal partner for the entire water and wastewater sector!