Pressure Controls Using Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Switches

For pressure monitoring and regulation, Riels® Instruments has a wide range of instruments such as: pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters and a complete line of digital pressure switches, analogue pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges.

All are produced according to strict quality standards, available with PED, ATEX or GOST R certificates.
Below are their characteristics and their typical uses.

Pressure sensors, more commonly known as pressure switches, indicate abnormal pressure conditions in industrial equipment, for example a compressor, tank, etc. Due to their simple construction based on mechanics, pressure switches are highly reliable instruments that do not need a power supply and which are mainly installed on plant or equipment to prevent failures or malfunctions that are dangerous for the plant.
The whole line of pressure switches and differential pressure switches is also constructed in the Atex explosion proof version for applications in potentially explosive locations.
The range includes digital pressure switches with independent outlets, fitted with a pressure sensor, that have an accuracy and sensitivity that is much greater than normal membrane or piston models.
A digital pressure switch digital is used to indicate a pressure variation in a line and to transmit an electrical alarm contact.

Pressure transmitters help to keep demanding industrial processes under control. Accurate, precise, heavy-duty and long lasting, the pressure transmitters or the differential pressure transmitters can be supplied with an analogue or digital output and in the certified Atex versions.

A pressure gauge is an instrument that measures the pressure of fluids.
The correct definition of the word refers to instruments dedicated to the measuring of pressures greater than that of the atmosphere; for values lower than that of the atmosphere, the correct term is vacuometer or vacuum gauge (vacuum meter).
Dial pressure gauges are direct gauges of pressure that indicate the pressure by means of an elastic primary element, the deformation of which is displayed as a pressure measurement directly on a graduated scale or on a dial.
The elastic element, depending on the pressure field to be measured, can be a bellows, capsule, membrane or tubular spring type.
In the case of applications in critical conditions with aggressive and toxic fluids, temperatures exceeding the use limits, the gauges are fitted with fluid separators that isolate the elastic element from the process fluid.

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