Float Level Switches for Tanks, Autoclaves and Steam Boilers

Magnetic float level switches are suitable for the control of liquid levels in tanks, vats and boilers, and for the control of pumps, valves, and alarm systems. They can be mounted vertically directly within the process environment or in a lateral containment chamber external to the process.  
One, or up to six, magnetically actioned contacts (reed switches) are located within a blind vertical tube integral to the lower part of its mounting bracket. One or more floats are free to slide up and down the guide tube, magnetically actioning the contacts by switching their state according to the level of liquid in the tank.  
The contact points can be set at specific levels and are adjustable in the field.   
The float level switches can also be equipped with a potentiometer transmitter of 4 to 20 mA for a continuous level reading.