Flowmeters for Liquids and Gases

Flowmeters, also called Asameters, are instantaneous flow meters suitable for measuring low, medium and high flow rates of any type of fluid in a pipeline, even corrosive or acidic, with pressure and temperature conditions contained within the resistance limits of the glass tube. They are widely used in local measurements as they do not require external energy for their operation.

Riels® Instruments flowmeters are offered with a choice of many solutions, from direct reading devices for small, medium and large flow rates, to magnetic transmission and to flow indicators with portholes and external transmission. In flowmeters, the flow rate measurement is read with excellent accuracy on the graduated scale directly on the measuring tube; on request, reading scales referring to the customer's specific fluid can be produced.
The applications are manifold, Riels flowmeters are suitable for oxygen, water, oil gas and autoclave.

The range of flowmeters includes metal tube asameters, which are used more universally than glass tubes and can measure opaque and chemically aggressive fluids at high temperatures and high operating pressures. 

These flowmeters are equipped with a microprocessor for electrical signal transmission overlaid with the Hart protocol and have LCD displays for instantaneous, totalised and percentage flow.
They are also available for low pressure and water hammer and in ATEX, EEx ia intrinsically safe and EEx d explosion proof versions for applications in potentially explosive areas.
Connections can be threaded or flanged and materials of construction carbon steel, AISI 316L, PVDF, PP (on request Hastelloy C, Monel, Titanium). 
Depending on the requested executions, accessories such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate protection of the measuring tube, guided float, minimum and maximum flow alarm signal (Namur inductive type, CENELEC approved, intrinsically safe EEx ib IIC T6), Reed alarm contact are provided.

Riels® Instruments is a well-established manufacturer of flowmeters and flow switches for air and liquids, used by top companies in the industrial sector. 
The wide range of products offered by Riels® Instruments, the result of over forty years of experience in the industrial automation sector, includes flowmeters for air, for liquids and flowmeters in diaphragm shunts. The flow line then extends to flowmeters for water and aggressive liquids and ATEX certified flowmeters. 
The extensive Riels® Instruments catalogue offers flowmeters made from materials suitable for applications with gaseous fluids and aggressive liquids. There are, in fact, flowmeters with Plexiglas, polycarbonate or polysulphone bodies to which it is possible to combine carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel or PVC connections. 
Come and discover the entire range that Riels® Instruments can offer you, including different models and solutions of flowmeters and flow switches suitable to meet the many requirements of the sector in which you operate.
A set of products derived from specialisation in the field of fluid measurement, the result of experience in industrial process control equipment. A distribution that has always stood out for two intimately linked reasons: the close relationship that Riels® Instruments has managed to establish with its business partners, and the recognised and certified quality of its products.
"We have always invested heavily in customer care solutions, and the trust that our customers have placed in us for many years is the best confirmation of all the efforts we make on a daily basis to be completely at the customer's service. A confidence based on the quality of both our services and, above all, our products.  

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