Pressure Transmitters | Perfect pressure, extraordinary performance!

Riels® Instruments, trying to satisfy the various requests coming from the many industrial sectors in which its devices are used, offers different models of pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, adaptable to every need, even in dangerous areas with extreme process conditions, for example, offering flush, high temperature or differential pressure transducers.
Different functional advantages such as high accuracy, good thermal compensation, high frequency response are offered by the various working principles of pressure transmitters.

How does a pressure transmitter work?

A Pressure Transmitter converts the incoming pressure measurement into an analog electrical signal. Pressure transmitters are divided into three types: relative pressure measurement (referring to atmospheric pressure values), absolute pressure measurement (referring to absolute vacuum conditions), differential pressure measurement (referring to the pressure difference in two different points ).

The compact execution and robust construction make these pressure transducers suitable for all applications in machine building, process control, test equipment, etc.
Rugged and versatile pressure transducers.

The many models available offer solutions of small dimensions, with on-board display, resistant to high temperatures, for low or high pressures.
The parts in contact with the fluid are made of AISI316 stainless steel, Hastelloy on request, and are completely welded to exclude contact of the seals with the fluid which exerts pressure on the pressure transducers. Among the industrial sectors of use, the following stand out: pneumatic, hydraulic, refrigeration systems and for level measurements.
The range of pressure transmitters  includes standard versions or in Atex execution for places with danger of explosion.

Look among the many pressure transmitters we offer and ask us for the one you don't find