Differential Pressure Transmitters | Riels Instruments

Differential pressure transmitters are used in industrial applications to measure differential pressures of liquids, gases and vapours, to measure relative or differential pressures of liquid levels and for flow measurements.

They can be supplied complete with separators or capillaries if the operating temperatures need to be lowered.

Accurate, precise, robust and built to last a long time, the pressure transmitters or differential pressure transmitters can be supplied with analog or digital output and in Atex certified versions.

How does a differential pressure sensor work?

Differential pressure is the difference between two pressures applied in two environments that have different pressures. With the measurement of the differential pressure, it is possible to monitor the condition of the filters, the liquid level in closed tanks or the liquid flow rate inside a pipeline.

How is differential pressure measured?

The measurement of a differential pressure is carried out with the sensors placed directly on the measuring points. When the filter becomes clogged, the differential pressure increases.