Flow meters for Air and Gas

Gas flow meters play a crucial role in numerous applications, especially in the industrial and domestic sectors, where accurate measurement of the quantity of methane gas is essential.

These devices are commonly known as methane gas volumetric meters and quantum meters.
They play an essential role in monitoring and managing gas consumption, ensuring efficient and safe distribution.

Methane gas volumetric meters are designed to measure the volume of gas entering or leaving a system. They use volumetric principles, such as counting the number of known volumes of gas passing through the device.
These meters are often characterized by great measurement accuracy, allowing for precise billing and effective control of gas consumption.

Quantum meters, on the other hand, are more advanced devices that combine volumetric measurement with the ability to detect gas density. This approach allows for a more accurate measurement of the actual amount of methane gas, taking into account changes in gas density as a function of factors such as pressure and temperature.
Quantum meters are particularly useful in situations where gas operating conditions can vary significantly.

The continuous evolution of these technologies aims to further improve the precision and reliability of measurements, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.