Signal conditioning module

Analogue Signal Converters transform electrical and physical values into a process.
They convert, measure and isolate
Standard signals (0÷10V, 4÷20 mA etc.).
Temperature signals from RTD sensors such as PT 10, PT 100, PT 1000
Temperature signals from thermocouples such as TC.K, TC.J, TC.T, TC.S, TC.E, TC.N, TC.R., TC.B
Single- or dual-channel transmitters can be supplied; they accept the widest range of dual input combinations.
Redundant sensor: output automatically switches to secondary sensor in the event of main sensor malfunction, eliminating downtime.
Extreme digital and analogue signal accuracy over the entire input range and in all environmental conditions.
Broad sensor compatibility, even with Callendar-Van Dusen and customised linearisations.