Trasmettitori di Livello ad Ultrasuoni | Idonei per liquidi e solidi

Ultrasonic level sensors measure the change in transit time of sound, or ultrasound, caused by the rising or lowering of the reservoir level to be measured.  
The Riels Instruments catalogue has an enormous variety and so you’ll have no problems finding the ultrasonic level sensor you need. 
The sound or ultrasound is emitted from a transmitter located at the top of the tank and is reflected by the surface of liquid or solid in the tank. The return echo is detected by a receiver coupled to the transmitter.  
Ultrasonic level meter transmitters are suitable for continuous indication of level, perfect for liquids and solids.  
The ultrasonic level transmitters provide a high level of accuracy. In addition, measurement is independent of the physical and electrical characteristics of the product (e.g. density, viscosity, conductivity and permittivity).