Partially Full Pipelines and Open Channels

Open channel flow measurement devices find application in situations where there is not a traditional pipe, but rather an open duct or channel.

In these meters, the level measurement takes place in the narrow section where the flow picks up speed.
The maximum speed allowed varies depending on the size of the channel, typically ranging between 0.5 m/s and 2 m/s.

These instruments are usually adopted in "free flow" conditions, characterized by a water level low enough that there is no back pressure on the high-velocity jet passing through the narrow section of the channel. This ensures unaffected flow and accurate flow measurement.

Open channel flow meters are suitable for medium and large flow rates, even in the presence of fluids containing impurities or suspended solids.
Their flexibility makes them suitable for a diverse range of situations, providing reliable results even in challenging environmental conditions.

The possibility of operating with liquids that have particular characteristics, such as impurities or suspended solids, further expands the field of application of these flow meters, contributing to their versatility and usefulness in different contexts.