Thermostats for temperature control. Versions also Atex

Thermostats for temperature control are essential devices for a wide range of industrial and safety applications.

Thermostats provide a reliable and versatile solution for multiple industrial and safety applications, ensuring accurate monitoring and maintenance of optimal conditions in various operational settings.

Available in different configurations, thermostats can be equipped with either a rigid or capillary bulb. Rigid bulb models are particularly suitable for harsh environments or those subject to vibrations, ensuring precise and reliable temperature measurement. On the other hand, capillary thermostats are ideal for regulating temperature in hard-to-reach places, as they allow the sensing bulb to be positioned far from the control point.

A crucial aspect is the availability, upon request, of marine approvals, confirming compliance with stringent safety standards required for installation aboard ships.

For environments with explosion hazards, thermostats can be provided in Atex execution, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with prevailing regulations.