Visual Flow Indicators - Discover all the models!

Visual flow indicators are tools suitable for instant control of liquids or gases in all industrial processes.
Our range has versions with fan or sphere or with instant flow rate indication whose scale can be read transparently on a double graduated disk in tempered glass.

In addition to the features mentioned, we offer various design features to adapt to the specific needs of each application.
The indicators can be made of different types of material, selected based on the nature of the fluid to be monitored, ensuring optimal resistance and durability. Furthermore, we provide executions with threaded or flanged connections, offering flexible integration options in a variety of industrial configurations.

Our comprehensive range of Visual Flow Indicators range from the smallest diameters, starting from 1/4", up to the largest DN 250, covering a wide range of sizes to suit different pipework and systems.
This allows our customers to select the most suitable product for their specific needs, ensuring efficient and accurate monitoring of flows within their industrial processes.

In conclusion, our Flow Viewers not only provide immediate and reliable control of industrial liquids or gases, but also offer a range of customized options to meet the specific needs of each application.