S411/IND Conductivity sensor.

S411/IND Inductive conductivity sensor.

S411/IND Inductive conductivity sensor.
• Low maintenance
• Versions for in-line, immersion or tank installation
• Ideal for evaporative towers, process waters, concentrated solutions
• Made from a polypropylene mold loaded with fiber glass
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The S411/IND sensor uses the conductivity measurement system with inductive sensors, which has many advantages over other conventional methods, as the absence of electrodes in contact with the fluid to be measured makes the system virtually maintenance-free and re-calibrated for long periods of time.
The S411/IND sensor has a large tolerance with respect to the sensor coating phenomen, probably the most common problem found in measurements with traditional electrodes. The sensor is engineered to obtain a low cost product without sacrificing quality performance, this result was obtained by making a polypropylene mold loaded with glass fiber which contains the sensor.
The system thus allows to maintain all the advantages of the inductive measurement.


• Polluted surface water
• Process monitoring
• Waste water treatment plants

Technical Characteristics

Measuring range / adjustment:
    • 1000 [uS]÷1000 [mS]
    Process connection:
      • Thread BSP M
      Operating temperature:
        • -5÷+60 [°C]
        Pressure max:
          Materials in contact with the media:
            • Polypropylene
            • PVC
            Degree of protection:
              • IP67
                • EC Declaration of Conformity